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Best Platforms for Virtual Learning

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

When it comes to virtual platforms for your trainings, is there such a thing as ONE winner? Based on our experience, the answer is...... NO. Your content and your audience are important factors in selecting the best place to hold your sessions.

Zoom, MS Teams, Adobe Connect, and Webex are just some of the platforms that our clients love to use for their trainings. When we asked our clients why they chose their particular platform, here is what they said:


- User friendly

-In demand. Most participants come in with some basic knowledge on how to use this platform.

- Great video quality, with the right settings on.


-Best for security purposes

-Simple and Intuitive

- Great for large number of participants

MS Teams

-In demand. Huge push toward using MS Teams in most workplaces


-One stop shop for files, documents and trainings. If the correct settings are on.

Adobe Connect


-Great for Technical Support purposes

- You can customize your virtual classroom ahead of your session and go live with everything you need ready to go!

Tell us what your vote is? Did we miss one? Let us know in the comments!

Which platform is your favorite?

  • 0%Webex is the best!

  • 0%Adobe Connect for the win!

  • 0%MS Teams is awesome!

  • 0%Zoom is the way to go!

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